Dataview is user friendly and straightforward

In my job, as editor for, data is often the starting point for articles. We supply our customers and visitors with data-driven agricultural market information. Articles and reports are supported by graphics and tables. Dataview is used for this task.

Dataview is an ideal system for me, which I can use to rapidly put figures together, compare and explain them. Before the transition to Dataview, every editor collected data on his or her own authority via various systems. Not an ideal situation. First of all collecting data took a lot of time, whilst converting figures into graphics left a lot to be desired. On top of that came the lack of a 'parking place' for storing statistics. Everyone was, in fact, working on an island.

Now that we have implemented Dataview, an infrastructure was created that allows the whole team to operate within the same system. This gives our editorial office a good overview. We can now save a lot of time, because Dataview automatically harvests market statistics and loads it into the central system. Putting together graphics and tables in our corporate identity has never been easier.

Dataview is a user friendly system and works straightforward for me. Even computer illiterates can easily navigate through the system and use it. For specific wishes and tailor made systems, DCA-ICT acts as a knowledgeable partner with a proactive approach. Dataview is, for me personally, is the system for arranging, compelling, visualising, comparing and analysing market statistics. I would fully recommend it to everyone.

Wouter Baan - editor